shrine experience

shrine experience

Ishikawa-cho Suwa Shrine prayer and real costume experience!

■About Ishikawa-cho Suwa Shrine■

It was founded in the 13th year of civilization (Muromachi period).
At that time, there was a small shrine at a high place from now, and it looks like ‘Chapter of Ishikawa village in Old book”Musashi Fudoki Kuraki-gun” when it became the target of the fishing boat which goes in and out of the Ishikawa riverbank because it is called Suwa Shrine and the light shines reverently from the resident in the vicinity area.

It has 3,000 confederates now, and the new shrine is rebuilt in August, 1963, it is familiar with “HAMA no Suwa-sama”, and it continues to develop with the confederate though the misfortune of the shrine burnt down by the disaster has passed.

shrine experience
shrine experience
shrine experience

■Flow of experience ■

  • Reception (office)
  • Full-fledged prayers
  • Dressing and taking pictures in costume
  • Change of clothes

*The schedule is subject to change.

■Price ■

5,000 yen /1person


about 1 hour

■Minimum number of participants■

4 people

Duration 1 hour
Price includes pray fee, dressing
Number of people available for booking per booking 2-5person


Please reserve via the contact form here.
Please make sure to state “shrine experience” in the form title along with the number of participants and preferred date. We will contact you with a confirmation.
Reservation possible is 2-5person.
Please make a reservation request at least one month in advance.
If the participants is less than 4 people, we will inform you of cancellation at least 1 week in advance.